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Welcome to

Ladybird Children's Nursery - Scotswood

Play. Learn. Grow. 


This is for our littlest children aged up to about 15 months. We have a lovely home away from home room specially designed for our babies with a separate sleep room. Your child will be allocated a key person who can build a strong relationship with both your child and you. Your child's keyworker will offer familiarity and consistency during the main care aspects of their day. We try to ensure that your child's home routine is continued as much as we can in nursery.  


This room is for our toddler children, here they have a lovely environment to help them develop at their own pace, whilst learning through play. Here in our Butterflies room the key focus is developing your child's language, social and physical skills. At this age children's language development is rapid and we will work with you to support this both at home and at nursery. We encourage the children to develop their independence and support them in making choices. 

Bumble Bees

Our Bumble Bee room is for our rising 3 year old children, here the environment is divided into areas which supports the children's individual development. Our key focus in the Bumble Bee room is to develop the children's language, social and physical development, we encourage children to do things for themselves by exploring, investigating, watching and listening. The attachment they build with their key person will help develop independence, vocabulary, self help and thinking skills.

Pre School

The pre school room is for the children the year before they start reception class at school. Our key focus is to teach self-help skills and extend on building self esteem, develop language and communication skills, building vocabulary and preparing children for school.  

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Our Vision and Ethos

“We aim to create an environment in which every child thrives, feels loved and is allowed to be a child. Our intentions for each and every child is to progress and achieve their learning. We as teachers will challenge and create an environment of awe and wonder for each child to be engaged, show curiosity, be happy and feel safe.”

What Parents Think

My daughter is enjoying her first nursery experience and she loves it the most. We are extremely satisfied with the care and facilities provided and I would recommend this nursery to anyone looking for better care and security for their children.

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